A Melbourne AFL player has spoken about having to receive treatment to repair a toenail injury he suffered in a clash against Geelong.

Veteran Bernie Vince, 31, had his foot stomped on during the round three match but managed to make it through the game.

As a result of the incident during the second half, a sock full of blood was visible.

Vince told Nova: "It was the first quarter against Geelong I went to tackle a bloke and he had metal screw ins and slipped down, my toe went under (through the boot).


"I was in the tackling motion and he twisted on my tow but the soft bit underneath and split it apart.

"I had a few stitches in it, it's alright now but going into last weekend's game it was sore."

Vince played the following week in the loss to the Fremantle Dockers.

The midfielder still managed 17 kicks and 25 disposals despite the injury.