Stadium food has left first base way behind, after an American baseball team put grasshoppers on the menu.

The Seattle Mariners have made history as the first sports club to serve toasted grasshoppers to fans. What's more, they sold out during their opening home victory over the Astros.

For those who might want to try the recipe, they were served with chili-lime salt seasoning, which according to made them "crunchy and zesty".

The dish is common in parts of Mexico, where its known as chapulines, and 310 orders were taken at Safeco Field, weighing in at about six kilos. You could get them as a side dish, or in your tacos. Forbes cautiously reported that they went best with a beer or tequila.


"Don't try them as a dare. Try them because it was really spicy good and offers up protein," the report reckoned.