Radio Sport's drive show co-host Goran Paladin makes no secret of his love of the Parramatta Eels NRL team.

Goodness knows his workmates are all sick of hearing about the mighty blue and gold, as he reflects almost daily on the club's glory days of the 1980s.

It seems one local listener has had a gutsful of his lack of support for the Warriors and decided to 'send him a message' ahead of their showdown against the river slugs at Mt Smart Stadium on Sunday.

Paladin today opened a mail package addressed to him with the mysterious details of 'Fish Boy' and '#Warriors' the only clues as to the sender's identity.


Curiosity and excitement quickly turned to disgust however, when the open parcel revealed a vacuum sealed plastic bag containing a severed eel head in all its slimy, stinking glory.

The situation was reminiscent of an iconic scene from The Godfather but despite being momentarily alarmed, the normally unflappable Paladin quickly took comfort in the fact he doesn't support the Brisbane Broncos.

"I don't know what the sender expects me to do with the eel head," said Paladin.

"I'm not suddenly going to become a Warriors supporter and forget about 30-odd years of history, and me being raised in Parramatta for the first five years of my life and having a serious connection and affinity with that team."

Despite his near-constant ravings about the exploits of his Eels heroes Corey Norman, Clint Gutherson and Jeff Robson, Paladin's loyalty is not strong enough to compel him to attend Sunday's match, with Parramatta desperate to break a three-game losing streak.

It seems past experience has made him gun-shy when it comes to backing his team at the Penrose venue.

"The last time I went to an Eels-Warriors game at Mt Smart in 2009 I was wearing my Eels shorts and jersey and one of those giant fingers that you wear on your hand and wave around," he said.

"I was in the Mad Butcher Lounge when two staunch Warriors fans asked me 'what the f*** are you doing wearing that get-up?'

"I told them I was just supporting my team but they picked me up and carried me towards the open window at the top of the western grandstand.

"I was parallel with the floor and just made myself dead weight but they seemed to come to their senses before putting me back down on my feet."

Paladin is appealing to listeners for any help in identifying his tormentor but says he'll be watching his Eels run around from the safety of his lounge room with the curtains drawn this weekend.