Iceland has reportedly experienced a baby boom, nine months after the nation's most famous football victory.

Local newspaper Visir reports a record-breaking amount of births in Iceland over the last weeked, nine months after Iceland beat England 2-1 to reach the quarter-finals of the European Championships in France.

According to Visir the weekend of March 25-26 saw the highest-ever amount of epidurals administered to patients in Icelandic hospitals.

Last year it was reported by Spanish website AS, that 99.8 percent of Iceland's TV audience tuned into the nation's stunning win over England in the Round of 16.


Iceland has a population of around 323,000, smaller than Christchurch.

It seemed hard to believe but if true, it meant around 600 people were the only ones in the country who missed the game.

AS reported that a 98.5 percent share of the audience tuned into Iceland's final group game when they upset Austria 2-1 in the final minutes.

27,000 fans travelled to France for the tournament, around 8 percent of the country's population.