One thing led to another and former UFC star Julie Kedzie found herself looking in a mirror inside a Russian palace looking for a place to hide her poo-soaked undies.

It's a story she never intended on admitting to.

Thank goodness the 36-year-old former bantamweight fighter has.

It may be the most unbelievable misadventure any fighter has ever admitted to.


Kedzie appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last week and out of nowhere dropped a story that is almost certain to become UFC folklore.

Kedzie explained she was fighting in the BodogFight: Clash of the Nations promotion in St Petersburg in 2007 when without realising it, things turned horribly pear-shaped during a fight against Julia Berezikova.

The fight on the undercard of Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko's win over Matt Lindland was a huge result for Kedzie after she scored an impressive TKO victory after suffering a broken nose in the first round of the fight.

Unfortunately, Kedzie can't ever look back at the fight with fond memories. She told Rogan exactly why that is.

"In between rounds, another cornerman put cold water on the back of my neck and I thought that I just farted," she said. "I thought it was a fart but it turns out ..."

If you think that's bad, spare a thought for Berezikova who was submitted after being smothered in the unholy mess in Kedzie's trunks.

The American fighter was able to finish the fight without having a clue her dacks were packed.

If only that was the end of it. Kedzie's tale is only beginning.

At the end of the fight she was immediately tapped on the shoulder by a fight official and herded onto a bus with the other victorious fighters from earlier in the evening.

Julie Kedzie, left, and Bethe Correia face off at a weigh in. Photo / Getty Images
Julie Kedzie, left, and Bethe Correia face off at a weigh in. Photo / Getty Images

Being the last fight of the night, Kedzie didn't have any time to change or recover before the bus arrived at a St Petersburg palace which she believes was Alexander Palace on the outskirts of the city.

After walking into the grand entrance hall, Kedzie finally began to realise something was wrong.

"I'm standing there in fight clothes," she said.

"I'm like 'what is that smell?' I had seen a guy puking backstage because of a headshot and I thought I must have rolled in it or stepped in it. I smelled so bad.

"And Jean Claude Van Damme randomly walks up to us. Fedor [Emelianenko] was there, Jean Claude Van Damme, this and that. It was just weird and surreal and I already had head trauma going on so wasn't really in my right mind.

"It was so weird to be smelling myself and be like 'oh god, I stepped in puke. I'm sorry Mr. Van Damme that I smell so bad.'

"It was bad. I remember being on the bus and looking around asking, 'Does anyone have any perfume or anything?' Other people were allowed to shower but I was the swingbat so I was right after Fedor. They just put me on the bus and didn't tell me where I was going."

When it all became a bit too much, Kedzie decided to find a bathroom to try and wipe off the vomit.

It was in the bathroom that she made the unfortunate discovery.

"I end up going to the restroom and there's just s*** caked all over," she said.

"And I'm like, 'How did I s*** myself?' It must have been in between rounds. It was disgusting.

"There's no trash can. It's all silk and gold in this beautiful palace so I just take my panties off and roll them up and shove them behind the toilet.

"It was a black lace thong, Vladimir Putin. That was mine and I want it back. Actually I don't want it back. That's gross. It was 10 years ago.

Putin was at the party... But Kedzie doesn't want her undies back. Photo / AP
Putin was at the party... But Kedzie doesn't want her undies back. Photo / AP

"So then I have to go back out there and (former Italian Prime Minister) Silvio Berlusconi was hitting on me and trying to pick me up. He was like, 'Hey, can I be your boyfriend tonight?'

"He's saying it through a translator. And I'm like, 'I smell like s***'.

"I was as cleaned up as I could be but I was like 'you are a dirty motherf***er'.

"And Putin comes and puts his arm around me and I'm like, 'This is weird as hell'.

"I s*** myself in front of foreign dignitaries in another country. And that's probably my favourite MMA story."

The whereabouts of the black thong in question remains unknown.