New Zealand Cricket have ensured fans are welcomed to bring strollers and prams into venues for the remaining two tests of the summer.

On Saturday, Dunedin dad and city councillor, Aaron Hawkins tweeted an image of strollers parked in a fenced area at University Oval during the first test between the Black Caps and South Africa.

"Today's gathering of banned prams at the cricket," Hawkins posted with the image on Twitter.

Hawkins said he was told it was New Zealand Cricket policy to ban prams.


"'It's not the venue's policy, it's New Zealand Cricket's', I was told. Quite apologetically," Hawkins wrote in his piece for The Spinoff.

New Zealand Cricket manager of public affairs Richard Boock told Radio Sport's Martin Devlin on the Devlin Radio Show today that there would be no ban for the final two tests at Wellington's Basin Reserve and Hamilton's Seddon Park.

"A lot of the comments have been right on the mark," Boock said.

"At New Zealand Cricket we've been mortified at the comment we've been getting that it goes against our policies for being family friendly to not allow prams full access into the ground.

"We've negotiated now with the Basin and Hamilton to allow prams and strollers so for the final two tests of the season, they will be allowed. We're just sorry we caused too much trouble for people that were trying to get into the ground with families. It's something we don't want to be known for and we've got to put it right - I think this will go some way towards that."