Forgive me for being confounded by all the angst and negativity around the timing of Kieran Foran turning out for the Warriors.

Is this just the Aussie media creating a story where there is not one?

Let's go through the facts. Foran has been cleared to play by the NRL, that return date being next weekend.

Next, Foran has also been recovering from a significant shoulder injury. So out come the headlines from Australia this week, that he may be delayed until week eight or nine of the competition.


Then come the conspiracy theories, allegations of a club cover-up. Headlines like "Warriors coy on Foran injury update" appear on the NRL's own website.

Are club boss Jim Doyle and coach Stephen Kearney hiding the truth?

Big call. So I jump into the story expecting dirt. Not even close.

Yes, there are quotes from team-mates unsure of when Foran will be back. But of course they are.

I'm not sure any player can suddenly become a medical expert and accurately inform the media on the return of another team-mate.

Kearney is then quoted as being less than forthcoming. "If it's not next weekend, it will certainly be very close," he says. Is that a coach not fronting the question?

Here's what I make of it. The Warriors always knew signing Foran would come with some curve balls.

This was a guy who tried to take his life last year. A clear and concise path back from that is never certain. But what if this is just a simple case of an injury taking longer than normal? Could it be that simple? When I posted that question on my Facebook page VeitchyonSport, the responses were fascinating.

Darren: "We paid him big bucks and we need him."

Jamie: "Why pay him big coin to play 18-20 games?"

Luke: "Because he hasn't played a game for the Warriors and he's already in contract negotiations with the Broncos."

Boom! Has Luke hit on the issue here? A feeling among fans that Foran is on a catch and grab mission? Use the Warriors to rehabilitate and then bugger off?

It's my understanding Foran's deal with the Warriors is half what he was paid at Parramatta. He did not travel 3000km for the cash.

I just think there is way too much over-thinking here.

Foran is a big story in the NRL. He helps sell papers, no doubt.

For the first time yesterday, we got an insight into Foran on being registered and exactly where his shoulder recovery is at.

He expects to make his return in either round four or five. He also addressed those rumours of him sounding out the Broncos for a contract in 2018. "Pure speculation," says Foran.

In fact, Doyle confirmed Foran does not even have a manager at the moment to negotiate any deal.

Clearly, Foran is about one thing - getting himself mentally and physically right.

The guy has been through hell and is probably still not 100 per cent. But who's to say the shoulder isn't either?

Give this guy time. I have no doubt Kieran Foran will end 2017 having given the Warriors far more positives than the current grilling being served up.