Former Black Cap Scott Styris says the "inmates have taken over the asylum" follow a decision to reduce bat sizes that has sparked outrage across the cricket world.

Bat sizes will be officially limited after a series of recommendations from a panel that included former Australian captain Ricky Ponting.

The new laws were announced by the MCC and will mean players including Australian opener David Warner will have to trade in his Kaboom for a smaller model.

After October 2017, the maximum dimensions of a cricket bat will be 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges.


Warner's bat easily exceeds that, with edges that reach 50mm, but he had been reducing them knowing a rule change was coming. A bat gauge will be used to test bats being used.

Styris led a stream of criticism from former New Zealand, Australian and English cricketers as the reacted to the changes.

"The inmates have taken over the asylum!!! Leave the bats alone," tweeted Styris after the changes were made public.

Australian legend Dean Jones then weighed in, quizzing in a tweet whether there now needs to be an "asterisk against (the records of) batsmen of the past who used illegal bats" before adding the word "ridiculous" to the hashtag.

Styris replied to Jones, saying: "It's the same for everyone. Make sure the pitches aren't roads first. Stupid/backwards thinking".