Martin Crowe's widow Lorraine Downes has opened up about her husband's life on the one-year anniversary of the New Zealand cricket great's death.

In a piece written for Cricket Monthly, Downes has revealed what her love for one of New Zealand's greatest ever cricketers meant.

"Many of the public knew him as a cricket legend, I knew him only as my soulmate," Downes writes.

"Right from the beginning of our relationship, I nicknamed Marty "my beautiful man" and that is what he was to me - his heart so pure and transparent, so honest and so full of love. He was passionate, romantic, fun, and could be as cheeky as hell."


"From the day I met him, I found I could truly be just me with him, and I felt his genuine love so strongly. He was everything I ever dreamed for in a partner. His love for me, for us, our children and family, was relentless. I know how blessed we have been and I will be forever grateful to my beautiful man."

Crowe passed away on March 3 last year after a four-year battle with lymphoma. He was named inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame in 2015 and given a standing ovation before the Black Caps' pool match against Australia at Eden Park.

"The hideous cancer that took him from us also saved him. It gave him the opportunity to stop and sit still and find out who he really was," Downes writes.

"That peace and clarity he found over the last couple of years had made him able to also touch the lives of others close to him, for the better. What a gift he has given to many. I will be forever grateful to you, my darling, for what you shared with me, for helping me grow as person, for showing me truly what living in the moment means, and what being loved and cherished feels like."

"You loved me in a way that I have never been loved. It will never be forgotten."

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