Tymal Mills is the super quick bowler who has become an instant millionaire thanks to a bad back.

The relatively unknown Auckland-linked speedster hit a staggering jackpot in the IPL auction.

Englishman Mills, who played for the Aces this season, was snared for $2.4m despite playing just four T20 internationals.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore won a bidding war for his services involving three other teams, sending Mills into payday orbit.


"I can't believe it," Mills told The Mirror from the UAE where he plays in the Pakistan Super League.

"I can't put into words what happened. I did not see this coming and it took a while for it to sink in. It has been a crazy day.

"I was up at 8.30am...when my turn came I was pretty nervous. I was the lowest of the base prices because I just wanted to get picked up.

"When my name came up I was nervous, giddy and jumpy. I was on facetime with my best mate and he just kept shouting.

"When I worked it out I could not believe it, it did not seem real. It's an amount of money that can change your life. It will for me."

The 24-year-old has a bad back to thank for his good fortune, a congenetal condition which forced him to quit first class cricket two years ago and become a T20 specialist.

He told Sky "You definitely wouldn't have thought, fast forwarding two years, that this would be where I'm at now. I had to pinch myself a bit, but nothing's kind of real yet. It changed my life this morning."

Fellow English player Luke Wright told Mills that his back injury "ended up being the best thing that could have happened to me".

Herald cricket writer David Leggat describes Mills as "seriously quick" - he cracked the magical 150km mark when bowling West Indian superstar Chris Gayle in an English county game.

Watch a Mills rip snorter bowl Chris Gayle

The back condition means over-bowling causes his spinal chord to "malfunction" leading to pains in his legs.

"Mix that in with the fact I'm hypermobile - which is one of the reasons I can bowl fast - and my spine moves more than most," he told the Herald.

Injury has also lead to a funny little hop at the start of his bowling run up.

Mills said: "I had a knee injury about 18 months ago, and shouldn't probably have been playing. I could bowl, but couldn't sprint very well. I couldn't accelerate at the start so I had to do that to get a rolling start to get myself going. Now I can't get rid of it."

Mills took 10 wickets in 10 matches economy rate of 6.61 for Auckland during the Super Smash. Indian scouts are clearly impressed.