More is likely to be known today over the fate of the yobbos who dismantled the back straight running rail minutes before the last race at Ellerslie on Saturday.

"One of the group left their wallet and cellphone on the track, so we knew who they were," said Auckland Racing Club boss Cameron George yesterday.

The group had apparently been part of a bucks' party at the golf course in the centre of the track and were on their way back to the house where they were staying over the back of the racetrack when they dismantled partitions of the inside running rail near the 1400m starting point.

Fortunately, it was minutes before the start was given for the final race, over 2100m. That allowed course manager Jason Fullford time to bolt across the track and re-erect the rail. Had it occurred as the start was made an extremely dangerous situation would have developed with parts of the rail lying on the track. "As I understand it trespass charges are pending and police are due to call me later today to advise what other action they deem appropriate," said George.