I had the pleasure this week of sitting down with Lydia Ko for an interview I hoped would be different and also enlightening about how this incredible 19-year-old sees life and her golfing career.

Much has been made of the massive changes she's undertaken in recent months: new coach, new caddie, new clubs and now an adjusted swing. When this news broke, piece by piece, there was concern in golfing circles - were these the first signs of cracks appearing in the Ko empire?

As her former coach pointed out in a radio interview, he found it too hard coaching three people, referencing the influence of Lydia's Mum and Dad.

When does she just get to act like a 19-year-old, away from the cameras, golf courses and pressure of being world No 1?


Her response to me was short and came with a smile; she often gets to be 'normal'.

On Tuesday, she had dinner with friends, devouring (her words, not mine) a hearty piece of Kiwi steak. It appears she has a posse of friends on tour that she keeps well supplied with Whittaker's chocolate.

What I discovered from my 15 minutes with Lydia was not only revealing but a relief. After years of dedicating body and mind to the goal of achieving golfing perfection, at the most basic level, you can sense she still loves the game.

I asked her, after years of dedicating her life to this one career goal, is it still fun? Her answer was a resounding yes.

That's all I wanted to hear - none of this swing change guff, just that her passion to play, win and enjoy what must be a frantic teenage life is still there.

I must tell you her story of Richie McCaw at the Olympics. Remember that picture perfect moment when Ko met her King? Well, she elaborated ever so slightly on what it was like playing the final round with rugby royalty watching on.

Lydia: "If I'd known he was watching from the first tee, I would probably have pooped myself!"

Veitch: "You can't say that in an interview, can you?

Lydia: "Well, I could have used the 's' word instead."