Rock band Guns N' Roses produced a throwback to the 1990s at Western Springs Speedway last Saturday as they blasted out a slew of hits but a week on a different piece of history will be remembered at the venue.

The Barry Butterworth Classic honours a speedway icon and will produce racing that is best remembered from previous eras where the fastest guys started from the back of the field.

"In the olden days Barry used to win them from the rear," said promoter Greg Mosen. "All forms of motorsport now do the opposite of that in that you have to qualify to start up the front, which is what we do normally.

"This weekend it is fastest off the rear for all classes - not just midgets or sprintcars - everyone.


"The fastest qualifier starts last and then he selects the next driver to start beside him. What that means is that it ensures that all the fast guys end up at the back together trying to work their way through.

"Last year we ended up with about seven TQs finishing from a field of 24 because they all climbed across each other and wrecked their gear.

"Hopefully this year they behave themselves."

Mosen is expecting the fastest drivers to have some difficulty getting through the traffic to the front, however.

"Now what we have with the level of competition in all four classes is about eight guys that can win it and trying to see eight come through the pack is where it all comes unstuck," said Mosen.

The first race starts at 6.15pm.