Both Anthony Mundine and Danny Green are worth millions, but it's nothing compared to the fortune accrued by the man who will share the Adelaide Oval stage with them tonight - ring announcer extraordinaire Michael Buffer.

For those unfamiliar with the name, he's the dashing announcer who stands centre ring before almost every major boxing event and utters the words: "Let's get ready to Rumble."

Those five words have made him famous and also incredibly rich. Forbes estimates his fortune at a $164 million. Buffer can command as much as $65,000 per event to utter the phrase.

In fact every time the words are spoken, even if not by Buffer, he earns money from it. Buffer has a trademark on the phrase - which it turns out was all the idea of his manager, brother and UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer.


Bruce was recently a guest on The Pony Hour podcast with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe and detailed the staggering fortune they've both made off the famous words.

"He (Michael) didn't so much as make a T-shirt off it," Bruce explained. "I said 'what are you doing, you need to do something'.

"I trademarked the phrase, I made toys, I made the three Ready to Rumble boxing video games and the dream came true. We sold over ($522 million) in retail sales in products and ventures."

The two brothers did not grow up together. They share a father but didn't meet until Bruce was 30 years old and a successful businessman, who then sold his companies to link with Michael.