Is this a contender for one of the best post-match sports interviews ever?

Rather than the usual, mundane "rugby was the winner", and it was "a game of two halves" comments, one inspired sevens captain instead broke into song for his young daughter watching at home.

North Harbour sevens player Luke Hamilton hit the notes at the National Sevens in Rotorua.

It all unfolded when Sky Sport interviewer Willie Lose, a former Tongan international, suggested a post-try celebration from Hamilton was not exactly the best Elvis-style shuffle he had ever seen.


"Mate, those moves you do are awful...this ain't X-factor," Lose said.

But Hamilton was un-daunted, blamed his dance issues on advancing years, then produced photos of his kids.

"I want to show you something, how's the cameraman here? I've brought me two little best buddies here - my two little kiddies," said Hamilton.

Hamilton's daughter Kaylee was upset that Hamilton failed to produced a dance for her the previous day, so the doting dad made amends by launching into an animated version of the song I Love You by the character Barney from an American kids' show.

"I'm not like most sevens players here," said Hamilton.

"I'm pushing 40 while most round here are about 20."

It was a performance to remember.