Jose Mourinho saw the funny side as his press conference ahead of Manchester United's match with Liverpool on Sunday afternoon was briefly interrupted when a reporter's phone rang.

The Portuguese manager was halfway through answering a question about the United fans and is heard saying: 'What I want, I have from them since day one. What I want is them to be with the team and they always are...'

But then the phone, on the desk in front of him to record the press conference, rings loudly. On hearing the ring tone, Mourinho initially looks angered by the interruption but moments later, he answers the call as he shakes his head.

Mourinho picks up the phone, saying 'Hello' and on the other end of the line, the mysterious caller then greets him, not knowing it's the United boss, by saying: 'Hi Dom, it's Abi (Abi Paterson) from talkSPORT.'


An amused Mourinho says to those in attendance at the press conference: 'It's from talkSPORT.'

Then Dominic McGuinness, a talkSPORT 2 reporter, responds to Mourinho, saying: 'That shouldn't be working like that.'

And the charismatic manager then carries on in the same comical fashion. Mourinho looks at McGuinness and says: 'It's for you? Wait a second please. It's Abi from talkSPORT.'

McGuinness, who looks embarrassed by the whole situation, takes the phone and tells the caller: 'You shouldn't be doing that now, Abs. Not for now. Sorry, should have been off.'

Mourinho didn't seem too bothered by Paterson's phone call as he continues to laugh, before comically asking the media: 'What was the question?

After the humorous incident took place, Paterson took to Twitter in good spirits to post a photo of Mourinho holding up the phone with her picture on during the press conference.

She captioned the Tweet: 'At least I chose a good photo for my WhatsApp picture. What a day.'

Mourinho was speaking to the media as his United side prepare for their crunch Premier League match with rivals Liverpool.

United have been in great form recently, winning their last six league games, but they come up against a Jurgen Klopp side that sit second in the table, five points above the Old Trafford outfit.