Oh dear, Warney is at it again.

Ex-Aussie cricket superstar Shane Warne, with a penchant for naughtiness, is showing no signs of slowing down, the Daily Mail reported.

Warne is 47, but any suggestion he is leaving his wild ways behind him were blown away by the man himself, when he hosted a raunchy "back-to-school" New Year's Eve party at his Melbourne mansion.

Social media was quickly awash with female guests arriving for the party in everything from short school dresses to knee-high leather boots.


As the night wore, the pics got hotter and more brazen.

Among Warne's guests at the New Year's bash were were former Australian Rules footballer Sam Newman, a Melbourne personality who has regularly found himself in hot water for alleged misogynist attitudes.

He arrived wearing schoolboy shorts and a shirt, complete with striped tie.

There appeared to be far more women in attendance than male guests, most of whom were spotted arriving solo or surrounded by a group of females. There were claims that one drunk woman appeared to vomit onto the footpath.

Warne posted his own photos from the party, including a group shot taken on his tennis court.

"Fun night ahead as we all go back to school for NYE haha!" he captioned the photo.

He also shared a photo of himself looking stylish in a fitted school uniform.

All dressed up in my school uniform for the back to school NYE party ! Bring it on... hahaha

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"All dressed up in my school uniform for the back to school NYE party ! Bring it on... hahaha," he told his 560,000 followers.