He may be playing against America's best, but Steven Adams still knows where the true rivalry lies.

In his latest media caveat, Adams was asked whether he sees basketball taking off in New Zealand as it has in Australia.

The Kiwi wasn't having a bar of it.

"I don't pay attention to Australia, mate," Adams replied, with an awkward laugh from the reporter as his question fell completely unanswered.


Had the Australian reporter's memory extended back to 2013, he might've known not to use Australia as a subject line when asking questions towards the Kiwi.

Back in 2013, Adams recalled the infamous underarm cricket incident when going up against Australian centre Andrew Bogut.

"They cheated us from winning," Adams said at the time. "So from then on it just doesn't matter how nice you are - if you're an Aussie, we're not going to like you.

"I search out Aussies and make it my job to make their lives miserable."