The All Blacks' new alternate strip was revealed yesterday ahead of Sunday's clash against France in Paris. The reaction was instantaneous.

Even Northland MP and New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters weighed in.

"No amount of psycho-babble propaganda will make those who think it doesn't cut it change their minds, including us," Peters said.

"So far, no one has come up with any common sense when trying to explain the change," he fumed.


"Clearly it's a sponsor pulling the strings for a new design in which their name dominates - on the new jersey the silver fern and the All Blacks name appear as an afterthought with AIG taking centre place in giant lettering.

"Under international rules an alternate strip is needed but it should resemble as closely as possible our traditional all black strip.

"In recent years the All Blacks have worn a solid white jersey supposedly to avoid clashing with the opposition's colours when they played overseas."

Herald readers described the black and white jersey as "terrible" and "ugly".

Here's a selection of their responses.

Bad idea ... ugly ... would never buy it.
- George

I like the new jersey. I have never liked all black. Black is a very negative colour and retains heat. For the summer the new jersey should make the rugby team perform better.
- Frances

- Geoff

Terrible jersey. But then anything Adidas has touched jersey wise is dreadful.
Look at the provincial jersey. Looks like the players are wearing kindergarten bibs.
- Richard

The technology may be wonderful, that I can understand taking two years but the design and AIG prominence does not promote the All Blacks or New Zealand. Worse the design does emphasise man boobs and guts. On fit amazing men these shirts make them look flabby - how will they look on the average kiwi. Love the All Blacks, love all our fabulous athletes ... this shirt belongs with the Olympics uniforms - in the recycle bin.

We have incredible designers in this country - where is the creativity in this bland corporate piece, take away the black from the All Blacks and call it innovative????

Epic fail!
- Name withheld

Looks terrible, would be better if they kept the jumper black and just gave it a collar and lengthen the sleeves so that it is the same but is very different.
- Aaron

Why oh why? Didn't they just bring out a new shirt for this Northern Hemisphere tour . So I hope and pray that this hideous shirt is not worn. As a proud Kiwi we are known for our black shirts and that is how it should remain. As it happens we've already had an embarrassing and unforgivable defeat in Chicago (the least spoken about this the better) . But now to introduce this shirt will only give the press and public more ammunition to fire at us and I'm sure I speak for all New Zealanders that we must retain our dignity and finish this tour on a high.
- Tony

I'm a competent creative directing graphic designer with 30+ years of experience, and I can assure you this is crap. It reeks of corporate sponsorship marketing folly, looks like a circus clown (I guess we're on trend there), and smells like a regurgitated '07 turd.

It disrespects the brand enormously by setting the silver fern at a 45° angle. WTF is going on over there? It's rugby, not soccer football. I'm embarrassed they have to wear it.
Ugh. The world's gone mad!
- Warren

Are we now the black and greys? Will damage the brand of All Blacks and Adidas
- Tim

All Blacks, should it not be all black, nothing wrong with the old one. Who's running the show the sponsors or rugby union?
- Leon

1. Design: Why use a different colour scheme if there is no clash? Fundamental problem : it's not all blacks. It also, in the one photo, looks terrible.

2. Marketing: For all your use of the company's blurb about "innovative technology", it's just a jersey. Made in Vietnam or China at a cost of about three dollars (of which some 10-year-old production worker gets about 3 cents) and retailing at 200 dollars because fans are - well, fans.
- John B

Well it's not exactly all black is it and France are blue in white so no need to bring any white into the uniform at all.
- Sheryll

Unbelievable. Are they going to change their name as well? They can no longer call themselves All blacks. This change can only be put forward by some moron who has no idea of the tradition he/she is throwing out the window. That the NZRFU could even countenance this move is proof positive that it is time to sweep the lot of them out of office and replace with folk who can respect tradition.
- Bruce

Not the All Black we love. Looks more like rugby league.
- Rita