Radio Sport Breakfast's Marc Peard makes his vital NFL picks for the upcoming week.

I had a special moment last week with my pick-em segment on TAB radio where I backed in four games for a charity of my choice (Unicorn Foundation) turning $50 into $1323.50. Thanks in part to taking four underdogs in the forms of Kansas City Chiefs @$2.25, Denver Broncos @$2.25, Miami Dolphins @$2.55, Dallas Cowboys @$2.05.

Week 11 usually means we have a good idea who we can confidently back and who to stare clear from as we don't know what we are going to get and of course the Browns.
I spot three maybe four dead sitters this week, depending on which Bills team turns up. Back these sitters and its caviar on the crayfish this Christmas.

Saints ($2.55) at Panthers ($1.47) (Live on Duke TV 2:25pm 18th Nov)
Marc's pick:
Saints 21, Panthers 17
Tough to pick, Panthers are at home but man what a massive turnaround from last season for them. Flip of a coin for this one as both teams have terrible problems stopping the pass. Saints pip them in a close one.


Steelers ($1.27) at Browns ($3.50)
Marc's pick:
Steelers 37, Browns 10.
Angry Steelers bounce back after being shredded last week by a rookie running back at home. It's not often you see a blow out in divisional rivalry games but this is different. One team is actually pretty good and the other is the Browns (Love you Browns fans).

Ravens ($3.30) at Cowboys ($1.30)
Marc's pick:
Cowboys 22, Ravens 17
I think this game is close, Raiders can D up. Dak has been anointed the full time starter in Dallas so maybe takes the foot off the gas and leaves the door open for the Ravens to sneak up on them.

Jaguars($3.00) at Lions ($1.35)
Marc's pick:
Lions 27, Jaguars 23.
The Lions should win this easily at home "Should" and won't. They frustrate me as I'm sure they do all Lions fans. The Jags will hang about in this game with their niggly defence. I wouldn't put money on this game.

Titans ($2.25) at Colts ($1.60)
Marc's pick:
Colts 27, Titans 26.
Two teams battling to win their division. I would say the Colts squeak out a win.

Bills ($2.20) at Bengals ($1.62)
Marc's pick:
Bengals 33, Bills 20.
I liked what I saw last week out of the Bengals, they got beat by a plucky Giants team at Metlife like many teams do. But the offence looked creative and the defence looked solid. I think this is a sure bet winner.

Buccaneers ($3.30) at Chiefs ($1.30) (Live on Duke TV 7am 21st Nov)
Marc's pick:
Chiefs 27, Buccaneers 13.
The third of my sure bets. I like what the Chiefs have been doing, they have won from in front and last week being 17-0 down to the Panthers proved they can peg back a lead. The Bucs aren't much chop and will lose this game.

Bears ($1.27) at Giants ($3.50)
Marc's pick:
Giants 33, Bears 17.
Giants to win this and handily, the real Jay Cutler showed up again last week.

Cardinals ($2.10) at Vikings ($1.67)
Marc's pick:
Vikings 17, Cardinals 10.
The Cardinals still don't scream confidence. Carson gets flaky under pressure and will feel it in droves from a desperate Vikings front at home.

Dolphins ($1.80) at Rams ($1.95)
Marc's pick:
Dolphins 21, Rams 10.
And so begins the Goff era, tough defence to start off against. Suh and Wake wanting to imprint their helmets on your first starting jumper. Dolphins go to the Coliseum and get the candy.

Patriots ($1.08) at 49ers ($7.00)
Marc's pick:
Patriots 47, 49ers 23.
Pats don't lose often, like the All Blacks. Just like Italy made for a nice rebound last weekend, the same should be the case for the Patriots in San Fran.

Eagles ($3.30) at Seahawks ($1.30)(Live on Duke TV 10:25am 21st Nov)
Marc's pick:
Seahawks 23, Eagles 13.
Seahawks should be too good at home. Eagles have shown cracks and Seattle have found a new gear with a healthy Wilson behind centre.

Packers ($2.15) at Washington ($1.65)
Marc's pick:
Packers 33, Washington 27.
Well if they don't win, there will be some serious heat thrown on the Packers from the fan base and media. I read this week and article about how hard it is to keep on winning in this league year in and year out, Rogers is 100 percent correct, between the Packers, Steelers and Patriots, not a lot of teams in the NFL can claim that feat, however it's a win now league and that's what the Packers will do this week.

Texans ($3.00) at Raiders ($1.35)
Marc's pick:
Raiders 27, Texans 20.
This game is to be played in Mexico City, so a little different for both teams, both of which can win this game. Happy Raider Nation? I'm finally backing your boys for the win. Don't let me down Mr Carr. I don't trust easily a second time round.

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