Paul Pogba's iconic 'dab' celebration is being used in French schools to teach and test students in maths.

Used to help educate students in the mathematic branch of trigonometry, the pose is supposed to create two right-angle triangles, with an exam asking if Pogba's 'dab' is the perfect 'dab'.

Exercise in a test reads: "Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of the dab of Paul Pogba, he then tries to demonstrate that he is perfect.

"According to the book 'the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Dab (DUDDDD)', a dab is perfect if and only if the triangles represented in the figure below are right-angles.


"Is Paul Pogba's dab perfect?"

Pogba discovered the exam question on social media and tweeted: "The dab is useful, am I approved? #maths".

Pogba sensationalized the 'dab' during his time at Italian club Juventus, while Manchester United teammate Jesse Lingard has used the move as his goal-scoring celebration since January.

The 'dab' has been imported from professional sport in the USA, where the dance move was taken from the hip hop scene.