Michael Schumacher's loved ones are "extremely hopeful they'll see him as they once knew him", according to his friend Ross Brawn.

The 47-year-old Formula 1 great has been treated at home in Switzerland as he battles to overcome serious head injuries suffered in a skiing accident in 2013.

Brawn, the technical director during Schumacher's time racing for Ferrari, has already revealed there have been some 'encouraging signs' in the driver's recovery.

But he has since clarified those remarks, adding that the family is keeping details of Schumacher's condition a closely-guarded secret.


In an interview with the Guardian, Brawn said he still visited his friend.

He added: "We go see him and hope and pray that one day he will make a recovery. I was quoted as saying he's improving and it was not what I really meant.

"The family are conducting his convalescence in private and I need to respect that. So I don't want to comment on his condition beyond saying we're extremely hopeful we'll see Michael as we knew him at some point in the future."

His latest remarks come after it emerged tha two online profiles have emerged featuring moments from the seven-time world champion's incredible career.

The 47-year-old's publicity team has launched a Facebook page and Instagram account. A caption on the Facebook account says: "Keep fighting - never give up."

The page administrators wrote in a post: 'Welcome everyone to Michael's paddock! We love to share memories with you and what better start could there be than the upcoming anniversary of Michael's first world championship title.

"From November 13 this page will be our meeting place to collect and exchange memories and to celebrate Michael's many achievements, established as a thank you gesture to all you wonderful fans."

The page, which already has 1.5million likes, features pictures and a look back at Schumacher's first F1 title - securing overall victory in Australia on November 13, 1994.
According to reports in Germany, a Twitter account could soon follow.

Schumacher has been treated at home in Switzerland since he was released from hospital and few details have been made public about his condition. His current condition remains unknown.