The Warriors have revealed their new jersey to be worn at next year's NRL Auckland Nines with the design featuring Maori design with natural rock-inspired graphics.

'Te Toka Tu Toa' is the name of the jersey the Warriors will wear during the two-day short-form tournament at Eden Park on February 4 and 5.

The design continues the theme of incorporating natural elements into the Nines kit, like 2016's 'Spirit of the Warrior' and 2015's 'Tangaroa'.

The rock graphics and carved designs highlight the Warriors' origins on the front and a mangopare tohu along the spine on the back urging the players to "fight like the hammerhead shark" and never give up.


The jersey takes its name from a modified Maori whakatauki (proverb) comparing people to immovable and permanent geographical rock formations: "hakoa te aha, te toka tu toa, tu tonu' which translates to: 'No matter what, the warrior rock will endure."

The proverb continues: "Ahakoa te awha te toka tu moana tu tonu, tu te ao, tu te po," which translates to: "Through all storms, the sentinel rock stands, through day and night it endures all."

A club press release explains that: "'Te Toka Tu Toa' is a statement that, no matter what the opposition throws at the team, like te toka tu moana (the sentinel rock) the players and the team will endure all and be ready to fight again the next game."