The All Blacks have joined the latest internet craze by putting together a video of their own mannequin challenge in the Pantheon in Rome today.

Videos of people posing as mannequins began to appear late last month online and have seen a number of high-profile teams and individuals involved.

It simply requires individuals to remain absolutely still while holding a pose as a videographer sweeps through the group and is usually done to Rae Sremmurd's Black Beatles, although the significance of the song is not really known.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff, as well as former president Bill Clinton and singer Jon Bon Jovi, produced one on election day yesterday and others like Destiny's Child, the Kiwis rugby league team and the New York Giants have also put videos together.


The All Blacks produced theirs' in one of Rome's iconic building, the Pantheon, as tourists looked on or wandered through the group.