There have been a plethora of indescribable stories coming out of the Chicago Cubs' World Series win yesterday.

The drought, the freaky predictions, the celebrities, the odds - all of which have contributed to this being one of the sporting stories of the year.

But it gets even better.

108-year-old Cubs fan Hazel Nilson lives in New Hampshire, but she grew up just steps from Wrigley Field.


After the Cubs' dramatic Game 7 win yesterday, she can now say she's lived through two Cubs championships.

According to, Nilson was born in August of 1908 - just months before the Cubs' 1908 title.

She had a news crew at her New Hampshire home on Wednesday to share her Game 7 experience.

After the game, she wanted to join her beloved Cubs in the clubhouse, saying she doesn't mind getting soaked with Champagne.