Week 9 in the NFL and the only bankable team we have all season, the Patriots, has sent their all-star linebacker Jamie Collins to the Browns for a third round pick, because he asked for more money and now they have the bye.

That means we really need to work hard to get better of the TAB and our Pick'em leagues this week.

If you missed my "Peard's to be feared" this week... the top 5 power rankings in the NFL check it out on Mpeard Sports.

We start week 9 with the number 5 ranked team in my power rankings the Atlanta Falcons - probably the least bankable of the top 5 because they play in a division that likes to destroy your hopes and dreams of turning $2 into $20,000.


Falcons ($1.45) at Buccaneers ($2.60) (1.30pm - Live on Duke TV 4th Nov)
Marc's pick: Falcons 27, Buccaneers 17. I think the Falcons seek revenge on the Bucs for stealing that week 1 win in Atlanta.

Steelers ($2.00) at Ravens ($1.75)
Marc's pick: Ravens 23, Steelers 17.
I'm playing die hard Ravens fan Kevin Mealamu in the Mpeard Bowl fantasy football game this week. I figure if I play nice to his team in my picks, he will take it easy on me in fantasy. Enough shameless name dropping, Big Ben plays but the Steelers lose to a motivated Ravens squad playing at home (But I win in fantasy).

Cowboys ($1.30) at Browns ($3.30)
Marc's pick: Cowboys 37 Browns 13.
Dak Prescott has a healthy Tony Romo waiting in the wings - if it's not this score against a winless Browns then Jerry Jones will start shuffling the depth chart and we may have a Romo appearance.

Jaguars($3.70) at Chiefs ($1.25)
Marc's pick: Chiefs 42, Jaguars 17.
I'm the last person on earth to realise the Chiefs are actually for real this season - the change to Nick Foles behind centre shouldn't hurt this team steam rolling a poor Jaguars outfit.

Jets ($2.40) at Dolphins ($1.52)
Marc's pick: Dolphins 23, Jets 20.
'Phins should win this but I don't like this game as it reeks of a Jets ambush.

Eagles ($2.05) at Giants ($1.70) (7am Live Duke TV 7th Nov)
Marc's pick: Giants 23, Eagles 17.
This is a toss-up. I like the Eagles defence but a couple of big plays from Manning to Odell is all it takes. The Eagles offence has shown it doesn't stand up well to a bit of line pressure.

Lions ($2.09)at Vikings ($1.37)
Marc's pick: Vikings 27, Lions 23.
Nothing remedies your passing game like the Lions coming to town. The Vikings have had a rough couple of weeks in which Bradford's gentle body has taken a beating by the pass rush. This week he will have a good clean pocket to throw from against a passing defence that ranks 32nd out of the 32 teams in the NFL.

Panthers ($1.62) at Rams ($2.20)
Marc's pick: Panthers 33, Rams 10.
My team is back in the winner's circle. #KeepPounding the Panthers leave Hollywood with a win and a roughing the passer call for Cam Newton.

Saints ($1.42) at 49ers ($2.60)
Marc's pick: Saints 44, 49ers 30.
Two terrible defences so take the bet that's an over on total points scored at the TAB this week. The 49ers will allow Brees a ton of points and passing yards. The Saints defence will make Colin Kaepernick look like he did three seasons ago... kind of good.

Titans ($2.80) at Chargers ($1.40)
Marc's pick: Chargers 21, Titans 20.
Two teams you're not quite sure yet what you're gonna get. I think we take the older scatty Chargers to win against the younger scatty Titans.

Colts ($3.50) at Packers ($1.27) (10:30am Live Duke TV 7th Nov)
Marc's pick: Packers 46, Colts 27.
High scoring, pass flinging, QB all-star show down at Lambeau. With only ever one winner.

Broncos ($1.95) at Raiders ($1.80) (2:30pm Live Duke TV 7th Nov)
Marc's pick: Broncos 22, Raiders 21.
Broncos have a great defence. Raiders are really good on offence. That usually means advantage D.

Bills ($3.30) at Seahawks ($1.30)
Marc's pick: Seahawks 17, Bills 10.
A grind of a game being played in Seattle will see the Seahawks back in the winner's circle this week. A tough watch for us on a Tuesday afternoon though.

Happy hunting family.