C'mon Kiwi sports stadia - how about giving us a taste of this?

Cricket fans at the first South Africa-Australia test in Perth at the WACA ground are being treated to a snazzy new way of pouring their beers. And they couldn't be happier.

The automated new system promises quicker queues and better pours - and it seems to be delivering.

Footy fans in Western Australia were the first in Australia to test the system back in July.
It caught on quickly with drinkers frothing in excitement after the revolutionary system was installed at the stadium.


American company GrinOn Industries developed the beer dispensing machine, which fills beer in cups from the bottom up, at a rate "up to nine times that of traditional beer taps", relying on magnetic technology embedded in plastic cups.

Each plastic cup has a hole in the bottom wide enough for a nozzle to be inserted, with circle magnets pushed up by the nozzle sealing the beer. Once your beer is full, the machine automatically cuts off, removing bartender error and chances of wastage.

Now it looks like the system is coming to New Zealand stadia.

Bottoms Up Australia co-director Neil Cole, who has managed beer systems at Perth's Subiaco stadium for 25 years, holds the exclusive licence for the invention in Australia and New Zealand and said it would resonate with beer drinkers, bartenders, publicans and even advertisers.

"There is a lot of wastage at stadiums... from overpouring to bad pouring techniques, but this system allows for 98 per cent of keg yield," Cole told WAtoday.

"Better pours also result, because the nozzle is not exposed to the atmosphere."