West Ham United striker Andy Carroll was today threatened at gunpoint on his way home from training, the Daily Mail reports.

Carroll, 27, was driving home alone to Essex in his £100,000 Mercedes G-Wagon when he was confronted at a junction by two motorcyclists, one brandishing a gun.

They threatened Carroll, teammate of All Whites defender Winston Reid, and demanded he pull over but the West Ham striker, fearing for his life, sped off in a bid to escape.

Driving in a state of panic pursued by the motorbike, Carroll, a source claims, struck several vehicles as he turned and headed back to West Ham's training ground at Rush Green in Essex, hoping to reach safety and receive help from the club's security staff.


The would-be assailants failed to keep up with Carroll as he drove at speed. On reaching the training ground he left his top-of-the-range SUV vehicle and ran to reception seeking help. Sources say Carroll was 'shaken and stunned'.

Team-mates were alarmed as they struggled to take in events and club staff immediately rushed to call police for help. A call was made at 12.45pm and a police response team was sent out. They are continuing their investigations.

Carroll is injured and has not played in the Premier League since the opening day of the season.