Barcelona striker Luis Suarez couldn't control the result as his side went down 3-1 to Manchester City in this morning's Champions League match but he showed impeccable control in a video shot before the match.

Suarez featured in adidas' latest Gamedayplus video, controlling a ball dead after it was dropped from a crane at a height of 35m. The Uruguay striker appeared alongside Nou Camp team-mate Lionel Messi and YouTube stars the F2 Freestylers.

Suarez was challenged to control the ball dropped from the crane, no mean feat given the pace it builds up from such a height. The 29-year-old's first few attempts saw him get used to conditions before killing the ball dead.

While impressive, he was actually overtaken by the Freestylers in the first-touch challenge. Billy Wingrove went one better than the Barcelona man, pulling off some jaw-dropping control from an even better height of 35.27m.


His achievement puts Wingrove into the world record zone.