As if there hasn't already been enough said about Steven Adams' whopping NZ$142 million NBA deal here in New Zealand, the Kiwi star is now enticing chatter from US experts and aficionados alike.

Not only did the deal prove that NBA centres still get paid big money, but it also showed how prominent Steven Adams is now becoming - regarded as as one of the brightest talents in the league.

And there's something he has, that almost all others struggle with, Oklahoma City Thunder writer Nick Gallo thinks.

"The number one quality that this Thunder organisation and the people of Oklahoma City love about Steven, is he is perhaps one of the most selfless players at this level of skill and talent in the NBA," Gallo told the Radio Sport Breakfast.


"I think people view Steven as a player who is not defined by the numbers he puts up. His intrinsic value on the court comes in so many different other ways."

Gallo said the value he places on teamwork, winning, and effort is what separates him from others in the league.

But he also believes the 23-year-old can muscle it in the stats column as well.

"The Thunder is getting a player who is not even scratching his prime yet but looks to be one of the best two-way centres in the NBA for years to come," he said.

"Numbers may look different from night to night for Steven just based on how the defence is playing against the Thunder, but I think they know they are going to get 100 per cent total effort."

Gallo had spoken to Adams after the deal and said he wanted to stay in Oklahoma because it reminded him of New Zealand - even taking a potential pay-cut to make it happen.

He believes the Thunder star could have gained a maximum-level contract in the off season had he chosen not to re-sign with his team this week.

However, the way the organisation has treated him and his family makes it a place he loves, and a place he wants to be.

"There are good people here and it's a really good organisation," Adams said.

"Obviously it's good that (star guard) Russell Westbrook felt comfortable to sign again, it's kudos to the culture here and the environment that we have".