Lydia Ko may have been the youngest New Zealand sportswoman to ever win a medal at Augusts Olympic Games - but young women are still thin on the ground in golf clubs around the country.

She Loves Golf 2.0 aims to keep changing that! Conceived by national sporting association New Zealand Golf, this November the month of activities on and off the course will celebrate the fun, health and camaraderie of golf, encouraging women across the country to give golf a go.

Ko herself returns as one of seven high profile She Loves Golf Ambassadors. Also back are Toni Street, Laura McGoldrick and Jamie Curry, this year joined by She Loves Golf newbies Matilda Rice and Daisy Dagg.

The non-pro Ambassadors will be chipping, putting, birdying and bogeying their way through the month, each travelling to some of New Zealands most beautiful golfing destinations as part of their golfing fun. The girls will be documenting their personal golf experiences via their own blogs and social media channels: inspiring other budding young Lydia Kos to grab a friend and go play some golf!

Meantime clubs, driving ranges and She Loves Golf pop-ups across the country will offer easy and fun golf activities and giveaways tailored to female players and their friends. You may also see a little more activewear on the green this November! A key message of She Loves Golf is Its okay": relaxed rules about both gear and play have been circulated and encouraged throughout the country.

New Zealand Golf Marketing Manager, Jan Rowsell says, "It was great to see so many women participating in She Loves Golf last year. Our clubs are still seeing many participants engage through lessons, membership or regularly coming out for a hit with their friends."

"This year many clubs around the country are providing female-specific events. A key part is recognising that for females it is not all about the golf, theres a social element that is important. The main purpose is to showcase to females that golf is welcoming and fun; its a great game for life."

Lydia Ko is right behind the initiative. "The whole thing about She Loves Golf is just getting more girls into the game. Im really keen to see more girls play and if I can have an effect on them, thats really cool. Its a great way to spend time with your family and friends and to be outside. Go to the driving range, hit some balls then play some golf. Dont worry about your score, you dont even need to keep count when youre learning. And make sure youre having fun when youre doing it! If its not fun, its not worth it."

The Love Golf website will be She Loves Golfs digital home for November, with information on what prospective female golfers can try and where they can give it a go - as well as great prizes up for grabs - throughout the month.

She Loves Golf

1 - 30 November 2016

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