Eight years on from Simon Katich's dressing room bust up with Michael Clarke it's clear the bitterness has never dissipated.

Katich added further fuel to his very public feud with the former Test captain, suggesting it ironic that Clarke has named Shane Watson as among other players who were "like a tumour" in Australian cricket.

The most publicised line from Clarke's recently released autobiography My Story has been his "tumour" reference to former teammate Watson and a select group of players, who remain unnamed, that emanated out of the Homeworkgate disaster.

Katich dismissed a recent sentiment from Clarke that the pair were on reasonable terms after catching up last summer to discuss their differences, and in the process went into bat for Watson.


"I don't want to be drawn into it too much because it's old news," said Katich on ABC Grandstand.

"But I saw Shane Watson's comments during the week and I thought he hit the nail on the head with it. I thought it was rather ironic that he was called the tumour."

Watson's only response last week to being drawn back into a blow-up that first exploded publicly three years ago on the 2013 Ashes tour, was to say Clarke's reference to him being "like a tumour" was more of a reflection on Clarke than himself.

Clarke wrote in My Story that the infamous throat-grabbing incident with Katich was overblown and said in an ABC interview on Saturday that the pair were on good terms as far as he was concerned.

"I'm fine with Kato. We caught up last summer when I was commentating for Channel Nine and he might have been doing some work for you guys. We were completely fine," said Clarke, who also says he wanted Katich picked for the 2013 Ashes tour.

"I was brought up with this old school mentality that if you have a disagreement or have a fight or a stink with someone then you go and have a beer straight after.

"You go and catch up and you're over it, that was what happened with Simon and I in my opinion."

It would seem Katich has a different take when asked on air if it was awkward running into Clarke while doing commentary over the past two summers.

"It's a good question, it hasn't happened," he said.

"We've hardly spoken about it since it all happened ... and obviously I (didn't) play since he took over as captain.

"But that's all old news now."