Week 6 already in the NFL and we are left with one team unbeaten. The problem is, the Vikings are lucky to be unbeaten and they are on the bye this week. That means my picks will all have to be on point as I get no help from the Vikings.

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Broncos ($1.50) at Chargers ($2.45)
Marc's pick: Broncos 21, Chargers 17. Broncos defence will let a few early points in early, allowing the Chargers to have a lead into the 4th quarter... then Chargers fans, you guessed it! (This game is featured in the TAB Rambler)

49ers ($3.50) at Bills ($1.27)Marc's pick: Bills 17, 49ers 10. Colin Kaepernick returns as the starting QB for the 49ers. I just don't like what he has to play with against a stroppy Buffalo defence


Eagles ($1.75) at Washington ($2.00)
Marc's pick: Washington 27, Eagles 23, I have a feeling this Washington team is building towards here but I also expect the Eagles to bounce back. My gut tells me take the Redskins at home.

Browns ($3.30) at Titans ($1.30)
Marc's pick:
Titans 27, Browns 10. - Look at the odds being offered! The young Titans still need to learn to win these games they are expected to win, so it's not quite my "Put your House on it" game!

Ravens ($2.15) at Giants ($1.65)
Marc's pick:
Giants 21, Ravens 17. - Giants nudge ahead at the buzzer in a seesaw battle of serviceable QBs against decent defences.

Panthers ($1.65) at Saints ($2.65)
Marc's pick:
Panthers 27, Saints 24. - Cam must be playing if the Panthers are the favourites, if you want to have a dabble. I don't think the Saints should be $2.65 for Brees to beat the Panthers young secondary at home!

Jaguars ($2.15) at Bears($1.65)
Marc's pick:
Bears 30, Jaguars 20. - I'm still not sure what we have in the Jags this season so I'm picking the Bears to keep it going at home this week.

Rams ($2.40) at Lions ($1.52)
Marc's pick:
Lions 30, Rams 13. - The real Lions roared last week. The Rams get humbled this week.

Steelers ($1.25) at Dolphins ($3.70)
Marc's pick:
Steelers 38, Dolphins 16. Yuck Dolphins. Steelers in a landslide.

Bengals ($4.00) at Patriots ($1.22)
Marc's pick:
Patriots 33, Bengals 20. - Bengals Yuck. Patriots in a landslide.

Chiefs (1.92) at Raiders ($1.82)
Marc's pick:
Raiders 23, Chiefs 20.

Falcons ($3.10) at Seahawks ($1.33)
Marc's pick:
Seahawks 23, Falcons 17. - Battle of the Birds.... (Sorry Eagles and Cards fans) but this is an epic show down. Best Passing offence in the NRL against what has been the poster child of passing defence for some time in the Seahawks. I say advantage 12th man

Cowboys ($2.60) at Packers ($1.45)
Marc's pick:
Packers 33, Cowboys 17. - Dak and Zeek fail to keep up with Rodgers in Green Bay.

Colts ($2.20) at Texans ($1.62)
Marc's pick:
Colts 17, Texans 20. - Divisional rivalry game with the winner becoming the overwhelming favourites to win the division! (Warning) I'm voting with my heart here. I need the Colts to win to complete my multi!

Jets ($3.70) at Cardinals ($1.35)
Marc's pick:
Cardinals 27, Jets 23. - Another terrible Monday Night Football match up! I think the Cardinals will win at home but the Jets will do enough to hang around... it won't be easy.