The biggest field of cars in a decade will be on show at the renovated Springs Speedway this season.

The numbers are up across the board in all categories as event organisers try to pack everything into a tight schedule for opening night in just over three weeks' time.

"We got down as low as a dozen sprint cars," promoter Greg Mosen tells "I expect to be nearer to 20 maybe even greater.

"We have got three new guys and we have three guys from Baypark that have committed to us.


"It is looking good. I think we will be over 20 on our big nights.

"In terms of our open grade midgets - these are the fire-breathing things that cost a fortune to run. We will have 30 of those.

"We will have somewhere between 22 and 28 F2s - that is the two litre entry level midget car. That used to be in the late teens.

"The quarter midget class has gone from 10-11 and that will be 16 this year.

"And the TQs - if we opened the gate for those puppies they would still be coming in now. We have capped those at 34 with two from out of town."

All classes with be on show for the opening night on November 5 with Guy Fawkes spectacular planned.

The track has been refurbished during the winter with a new base and different type of clay that will keep dust to a minimum.

While the increase in numbers is great for fans it is causing some headaches for the organisers as they try to accommodate the growth.

"What you normally see is a rise in one and a dip in another but we seem to have all of them on the up which is quite a handful to be honest," Mosen says.

"Western Springs is only so big and we are restricted for time. You can't have 35 cars in a heat race because that doesn't work. We are trying to jam a fairly tight schedule into a pretty tight timeframe."