A defiant advocate of illegal live streaming of sports events admits he is on the run from Duco Events and Sky Television.

TV3's Story programme featured the young Auckland man whom they named "James" and whose face was not pixelated or obscured in any way during the interview screened last night.

James said he had left his Auckland home to avoid being served court papers over illegal streaming of Joseph Parker boxing bouts owned by Duco Events and broadcast on Sky's pay-per-view television network.

In the interview, he openly admitted to streaming Parker fights illegally.


"If I'm watching a stream of a sport and someone else can't watch it, and they message me on (Facebook) Messenger and say 'hey man, I see you are watching the fight, can you put a stream up?'. Yes, of course I can," he said.

James is one of eight people identified by a 13-strong combined Duco and Sky team investigating illegal live streaming of Parker bouts.

Duco say court proceedings are being issued.

James admitted he was effectively "on the run" over the issue.

He said his parents, who live on the Hibiscus Coast north of Auckland, had been visited by private investigators looking for him.

"They also went over to one of my mate's places and said 'where can we find James?'," he told the programme. "They've also gone to my old flat. They say they've got papers to serve on me."

"They're trying to pull a few of us before the courts but I think it's a bit of a laugh to be honest."

James said he would not be backing off illegal live streaming of sport, even if the courts do catch up to him.

"It's not going to stop," he declared.

"If I get prosecuted, I'll be making it my mission to stream absolutely everything I can."