Mike Tolbert has paved a new path for unsatisfied customers wanting revenge.

The Carolina Panthers fullback has gone the extra mile to express his dissatisfaction over poor car service by paying the mammoth $3900 (NZ$5350) fee in coins.

The 30-year-old marched up to the desk at Motion Lab Tuning with boxes brimming with penniesafter a job that was quoted to take ten days took over two months to complete.

"They said they won't take my check, it wasn't going to clear the bank. I was like, 'Whew! You're throwing shots. So I've got one for you,'" he told ESPN's David Newton.


"So I went to the bank and got $3,900 in coins. It was pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters ... everything. I didn't care one bit.

"I took a truck load of it and put it right there where he wanted it, and got my truck towed back to my buddy's shop."

Tolbert then took to Instagram to slam the owner, calling the Charlotte-based businessman a "crook" and urged his followers to steer clear.

Shop owner Todd Marcellini was unfazed by the gesture, saying the payment was easily processed.

"All $3,900 in coins were easily identifiable as they came from a bank in boxes and perfectly counted out," he said.

"I will say this, those coins will be taken in the boxes they came in and will be taken to a teller at BOA for deposit."