When you're arguably the most famous man in New Zealand, just buying gas turns into a challenge.

Richie McCaw is a national treasure. The problem with being a national treasure is you get no respite.

Your life consists of endless requests for selfies, autographs and a chat.

This humorous video appeared on social media overnight and gives an insight into McCaw's daily life - a routine where fans are constantly overwhelmed by seeing the great man and are then compelled to document the evidence in the digital world.


McCaw is recognised paying for his gas at a petrol station. The incredulous fan, Bronson Katipa, then did what 99 per cent of us seem to do every day now - whipped out his smart phone and captured the incident on video while offering his own commentary.

The two-time World Cup-winning captain is obviously well used to the attention.
He handles the situation in his stride, posing amiably behind the slightly overwhelmed fan and his friend and then quietly heading on his way.

Katipa told The Hits radio host Flynny he was in the back of his mate's car and spotted McCaw through the window.

"I said 'bro, that's Richie McCaw; that's Richie McCaw, bro, oh my god.

"He'd already gone inside so I ran in after him with my phone out...

"I said 'mate, would it be alright if we get a picture, and he said yeah, I'll just pay for my stuff and then we can get a picture'."

Katipa was stoked McCaw had been nice enough to take a picture, despite his status, and thanked him for being there.

He said he knew his last name was McCaw, but it had sounded like McCoy because he was saying it so fast.

Flynny suggested Katipa was the new "nek minnit" guy and should make more videos.

"I just put [the video] on Facebook to make people laugh. I'm speechless.

"I've already put another video up of a spider on my mate's back."