The Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast's Marc Peard makes his NFL picks ahead of each round of action. Who is he picking to win in week three?

Texans at Patriots
Marc's pick: Texans 20, Patriots 13.
What am I doing!?! Have I learnt nothing about the Pats... Texans defence steps up and Brock Osweiler gets it done with his toys DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller.

Raiders at Titans
Marc's pick: Titans 23, Raiders 17.
So the Raiders have won a game they shouldn't have and lost one they should have won... now are away to the Titans with a similar record. I'm going with the home team as it's too hard to pick.

Cardinals at Bills
Marc's pick: Cardinals 37, Bills 23.
Can someone tell Rex Ryan it's his defence that's the problem? Please.


Browns at Dolphins
Marc's pick: Dolphins 30, Browns 17
One of these teams does not belong at 0-2... the other does. Miami gets it done in a canter (put your house on it).

Ravens at Jaguars
Marc's pick: Ravens 17, Jaguars 10.
The Jags were supposed to be good this season - they are rubbish. The Ravens are not meant to be 3-0 at the end of this game...they will be!

Broncos at Bengals
Marc's pick: Bengals 17, Broncos 13.
Hard to pick. I think the Bengals have enough on defence to contain the Broncos average offence - and the Bengals have enough on offence to squeak past the Denver's D.

Vikings at Panthers
Marc's pick: Panthers 33, Vikings 17.
Carolina is a whole different story for Sam Bradford and his merry men. Panthers at home with an Adrian Peterson-less Vikings.

Lions at Packers
Marc's pick: Packers 38, Lions 20
Aaron Rodgers has been called out all week by the US media for being overrated. Now he's at home against a woeful Lions defence. You do the maths.
Washington at Giants
Marc's pick: Giants 23, Washington 13.
The rumour in Washington is Kirk Cousins has lost the locker room. No smoke without fire when stories like that come out! The Redskins sink to 0-3.

Rams at Buccaneers
Marc's pick: Buccaneers 23, Rams 10
But the Rams do score a Todd Gurley just to justify my 1st round pick in fantasy.
49ers at Seahawks
Marc's pick: Seahawks 20, 49ers 13.
Normally I would pick the Seahawks by more but that offensive line is weak. However the 49ers offense is a little weaker

Jets at Chiefs
Marc's pick: Chiefs 23, Jets 20.
Flip of a coin... and I bet the Jets end up winning. But I'm taking the home team as I always do when in doubt.
Chargers at Colts
Marc's pick: Colts 23, Chargers 17.
Two hot and cold teams but the Colts are due

Steelers at Eagles
Marc's pick: Steelers 20, Eagles 17.
Thanks to a stellar Eagles defence they will keep it close. Carson Wentz won't beat the Steelers though.

Bears at Cowboys
Marc's pick: Cowboys 33, Bears 0.
I hate the Bears now they cut our Kiwi Boy Paul Lasike! Cutler is the problem not Paul! It won't be nil... but the Cowboys will win this one easily

Falcons at Saints
Marc's pick: Saints 37, Falcons 35.
The Falcons will leak points to the Saints at home. The question is just how many?

Season record of 21/32 picks.