The record for most goals in a football match stood for nearly 120 years.

That was when Arbroath thumped Bon Accord 36-0 in 1885.

But then AS Adema from Madagascar won a match 149-0 in 2002. Their opponent, Stade Olymique L'Emyrne, protested a refereeing decision by plonking the ball in their own net 149 times.

Putting that game aside for obvious reasons, the next best thing has to be German side PSV Oberhausen, who last week beat SV Vonderort 43-0.


Vonderort goalkeeper, Mario Kwiotek, was then arrested by police who said they "just wanted to clear some things up," The Sun reported.

The score was 35-0 at halftime, and at one point Vonderort, a team largely made up of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Guinea, were only able to field eight players.

Oberhausen felt so bad, they took off three of their own to even up the numbers.

Five days later, Kwiotek was arrested at training, and hasn't been seen since.

Obviously, the allegations look to be around match-fixing, but police refused to comment on why he was arrested.

It is still unknown if Kwiotek is still in custody with no further details being released.