Canberra coach Ricky Stuart has labelled Cronulla hooker Michael Ennis as "disrespectful" following his post-match celebrations after the win against Canberra against Saturday night.

Ennis has claimed he was trying to celebrate with Sharks fans when he appeared to imitate the famous Viking clap after Cronulla's two-point qualifying-final win over the Raiders.

But Stuart has had none of Ennis' story, saying he would have "hauled him over the coals" had he been one of his players.

"It was offensive," Stuart told News Corp Australia.


"To have to sit there and watch him rub our fans' noses in it after the game was disrespectful and typical Michael Ennis.

"Players have a responsibility and you can't act the way he did after the game and then try and pretend it was all in good fun and it was not offensive."

Stuart also accused Ennis of having a fake media persona, claiming his on-field actions were a better indication of his real characteristics.

However Ennis was on the front foot after the game, denying any wrongdoing on the full-time siren.

"There was a small pocket of Cronulla fans throughout the stadium and I was just clapping because I was stoked that we won," Ennis said.

"If it has come across like that then it is disappointing because I certainly wasn't being disrespectful, that is for sure."