Andrew McFadden expects to know in the coming week whether he will be Warriors coach next season and will look to move on some senior players if he is reappointed.

McFadden is currently part of the ongoing reviews at Mt Smart, as the club try to uncover what went wrong in a season that, at times, promised so much.

The team's failure to make the top eight, sliding from seventh to tenth with four consecutive losses, has put McFadden's job under the microscope, but he hopes there is a resolution soon.

"We need some certainty in the near future but I understand there is a process to go through," McFadden told Newstalk ZB. "I'm a realist in this game [and] my job has to be questioned given the way we have performed. I know I have done some good things but there is some stuff you just can't ignore.


Decisions will be made hopefully fairly shortly, for everyone, including myself.
By next week I imagine there would be something out."

Warriors coach Andrew McFadden talks to Newstalk ZB's Tony Veitch:

McFadden is in the midst of his third post season review, but this one is by far the most difficult. In 2014 he did relatively well as a rookie coach, taking over from Matt Elliott after round five and guiding the Warriors to within a whisker of the playoffs, though they lost three of their last four matches to miss out. Last year was more disappointing, as Shaun Johnson's injury was the catalyst for a disastrous eight game losing streak. But this year was the most inexplicable.

"I've had to look very hard at myself," said McFadden. "We had some excuses last year for the end of season fadeout but we had none this year."

"We had a good enough team to do better. There is no hiding from the fact we blew our chance. We were sitting seventh with four games to go, with three home games and very winnable games and we didn't perform at all. We are certainly lacking something and that's what the review is designed to find."

McFadden wants to remain in the job - as he has stated many times recently - but says he has no idea of his fate.

"My gut is I don't know," said McFadden. "I've had some conversations with Jim [Doyle] but we understand we have to go through this process. Once he gets that feedback he will make some decisions."

If McFadden does retain his job, he hinted there will be changes to the playing roster, with some senior players in danger of being moved on. While many of the young brigade have performed well this season - like Solomone Kata, David Fusitua, Albert Vete and Sam Lisone - some more experienced players didn't achieve the expected consistency.

"When teams are under pressure you get a picture of who can rise to it," said McFadden.

"We have got some guys who are struggling with that; some of that is to do with age, but some other guys are clearly running out of excuses.

"We need to be tougher. The game is not won on talent; it's won on toughness and character. We had some players well and truly underperform. I take a certain amount of responsibility in that and the players need to as well.

"Everyone has to be [under the spotlight]. Something needs to change because we can't keep going down the same road. That is what the review is for. My position will be first and foremost but everything needs to be looked at in the organization including players. We want success here and if that means changes to our roster then so be it."

No one can question McFadden's work ethic, or the integrity he has shown with some difficult off-field issues this year. He hopes those values - plus the signs of progress at times - will place him in a favourable light.

"I know what happens internally [and] I know the progress we have made," said McFadden. "I have a strong belief in what I am doing. I'm trying to build a foundation that is rock solid and not up and down. I'm pretty hopeful [of keeping the job]. I'm very passionate about this organization and I want to stay here but time will tell."