The stripper at the centre of the Chiefs scandal has said she doesn't want a police inquiry to be reopened.

The stripper, known as Scarlette, sent a statement through her lawyer that said she did not want the matters re-investigated and she didn't want to lay a complaint with police.

Scarlette said she wanted to be left alone and have her privacy respected.

"Scarlette has no wish to see the events surrounding the Chiefs' end-of-season celebration re-investigated, either by New Zealand Rugby or any other agency.


"She did not make a complaint to the police at the time and she does not intend to make a complaint to the police now.

"She wants to be left alone and, once again, she asks media to respect her privacy."

This comes after fresh allegations from a Radio NZ interview with Scarlette last month.

At the time Radio NZ did not release the full interview. Today they published more of it in which she made further allegations.

Scarlette alleged one player touched her vagina "multiple times with me telling him not to and eventually having to fight him off". She continued, "that didn't deter him though - he kept going".

"Then during all of that they just crowded in on me, real pack mentality kind of a thing."

She alleged the players tried to pull their penises out, "which I don't do".

"They were throwing gravel at me during the time as well. I'd normally stop just from that but I felt that I couldn't stop because I've been in situations before where I've been held in rooms and a knife held to me and I just didn't want this one to go that way.

"If you show your vulnerability they do attack it."

Police responded that they wanted to interview Scarlette given what had been reported to see if there was any information she wished to give police.

Police today said they had twice approached the woman after she raised concerns about the behaviour of players at the end-of-year rugby function.

New Zealand Rugby boss Steve Tew said allegations by the stripper Scarlette against the Chiefs cannot be substantiated.

Tew fronted media at FMG Waikato Stadium ahead of tomorrow night's All Blacks game there, saying he stood by the investigation by employment lawyer Keith Binnie into the scandal.

Tew said Binnie trawled through more than three hours of video footage from the function last month and interviewed everybody there and he could not reconcile the two differing accounts of the event.

"We tried very hard to talk to Scarlette at the beginning of this inquiry.

"We talked to police, Victim Support, and a range of other people and it wasn't until the very end that she was prepared to speak.

"But actually she couldn't tell us anything that she hadn't already said on television."

Tew was adamant the report by Binnie was the "truth of the situation".

"We got to the truth of why happened around the Chiefs 2016 event."

He said any work they did with women's advocates would have to be "quick" to avoid rugby's reputation eroding further.

Tew said if there was anything more the NZR could find out about the incident it would, and anything illegal would be handed straight to police.

He added that the Chiefs players themselves were remorseful.

"There are a lot of players who are upset because clearly no one wants this to be dragged out.

"And I think a lot of us are feeling for Scarlette because this has put her in a very awkward situation too."

Tew said the players had already said sorry for what they had caused.

"We are very concerned for Scarlette's wellbeing and I've offered any support that we can give her. I think the whole game, and I'm the representative of it, can say we are very sorry we're in this position. If we've hurt either of these women then we apologise."

Tew was referring to another women named Laura who made similar accusations about a Chiefs event last year.

When questioned about the way the apology was handled, in that the Chiefs' reputation and rugby's brand and players were put ahead of the strippers, Tew said there was good reason for that.

"We have accusations that were made which are damning and actually criminal that cannot be substantiated. The accusations were made live on television without any filtering of those accusations."

He denied that the investigation into allegations about last year's event had completely failed and said instead it was incomplete.

"No we haven't talked to Laura and if she wants to talk to us we will. She's now telling us she's available to speak to us."