It turns out, Lionel Messi is just like us. When he experiences heartbreak, he gets out of his funk by giving himself a fresh new look.

That's what happened this summer when the 29-year-old superstar and the Argentina national team lost the Copa America final to Chile for the second time in a row.

After taking a few weeks to wallow (he even retired for a short stint), the Barcelona striker re-emerged on the scene stronger - and blonder - than ever.

"One particularly tough day I dyed my hair," Messi explained (via to Mingo, a popular Argentine comedian, on the Telefe network show "Polemica en el bar" over the weekend.


"I had to start again from scratch. I said to myself, 'I have to make a clean break and start over.' "

Messi, who ended his weeks-long retirement in time to captain Argentina's 1-0 win over Uruguay in their World Cup qualifier last week, first showed off his blond locks during Barcelona's preseason training camp in late July to mixed reviews.

Some people liked his new look.

And others, well, not so much...

Messi's means to finding himself may have led to a fashion trend.

After winning Olympic gold for Brazil, Messi's Barcelona teammates Neymar and Rafinha went blonde.

Luis Suarez, Barcelona's other star striker, has so far held out, but who knows. Maybe when El Clasico comes around this year the three will all dye their hair another colour.