Video has emerged of the unbelievable moment a racing car files into the air and jumps over dog walking on the dirt track.

The clip, which was posted on Anarchy 4x4 Accessories Facebook page, has had over 29,000 views.

The footage, recorded by a bystander believed to be speaking Spanish, shows the black and white dog casually walk along the dirt track.

The canine can be seen glancing towards the race watchers on his right, who is standing on the grass, away from the race course.


As the sound of the car gets louder, the dog picks up pace and begins to trot a little faster.

Seconds later, the racing car turns the corner and roars down the track with the pooch right in its sights.

As the high speed car gets closer to the dog, a speed bump forces the car to jump and momentarily fly in the air, flying a few feet above the dog.

People watching the race can be heard cheering in the background both for the car and the lucky canine who is followed by a man in a military uniform.

People on Facebook have shared their thoughts on the incredible video.
One man wrote: "Who owns that dog? Grab hold of it and buy a lottery ticket."

Another said: "How many different things had to partake in so many different lives for that to happen. Lucky dog." [sic]