Wallaby great Matt Burke says revelations about a bugging device being found in the team room at the All Blacks' Sydney hotel were disturbing and a "turning point in what we thought was a pure game".

The World Cup winner said: "With everything that's happened in the world of betting and underworld betting agencies, you wonder if it's a bit more sinister than just knowing team tactics."

He thought it was extraordinary that the All Blacks team travelled with equipment to de-bug a room. "That's Hollywood stuff."

"I've never heard of that before. We've had major events around the world happening this year .... But this is definitely a blight on what is regarded in Australia as a classic context."


Though this appeared to unprecedented in the sport of rugby, Burke wondered if it was simply the first time someone had been caught.

Listen: Presenter Tony Veitch speaks to former Australian rugby union player Matt Burke about the incident

"Maybe people have got away with it in the past."

The sophisticated technology involved took things to a new level, Burke said.

"This just goes to show the world of sport is becoming such big business these days, especially these betting markets ... that these bookmakers have influence."