Picture this.

You play rugby sevens for the best team in the world. You make the Olympic final, and fulfil all the expectation and pressure that has been piled on you for months, nay years.

You demolish your opponent, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that you are the Olympic champions.

You are on top of the world.


So how do you celebrate? Hit the town in Rio and brush shoulders with the many celebrities visiting the 2016 Games? Or maybe you hire a private boat and take your party out to sea?
The possibilities are endless.

But for the Fijian rugby team, their celebration plans are far less drastic.

Fiji defeated Great Britain on Friday (NZT) 43-7 to win the men's rugby sevens final and make their first ever Olympic medal a gold one.

But in celebrating such an enormous achievement, the Fijian team want just one thing: McDonald's.

According to the team captain, Osea Kolinisau, the players have been eyeing off the golden arches in the Olympic village ever since they arrived in Rio.

"McDonald's," Kolinisau told the BBC when asked how his team would celebrate.
"We've been seeing it in the Olympic Village but we weren't allowed to go."

They haven't been suffering in silence either, with some players eagerly awaiting the day they can once again chow down on a burger and fries.

"The boys have been saying, 'OK, you stay there, McDonald's. When we finish here we are coming for you.'

"I'm really looking forward to having a Big Mac right now."

Now we aren't saying that Big Macs aren't delicious - that would be ridiculous.

But who knew the desire to eat one could create motivation strong enough to push an entire team to create history and win an Olympic gold medal.

Now we know.