The stripper who was allegedly subjected to indecent touching by Chiefs rugby players has gone to ground, while the players themselves are getting ready for the Mitre 10 cup.

Seven days ago, Chiefs players were about to arrive at the Okoroire Hotel for what they thought would just be another "Mad Monday" session. Since then, there's been allegations of homophobic slurs and a sexual assault on a stripper while the franchise bosses have immersed themselves in one train wreck of a PR disaster after another.

Gallagher boss Margaret Comer, who is also trustee of the Waikato Women's Refuge, also had to duck for cover after defending the players' alleged behaviour saying what are they to do if a woman walks around in a group of men and one tries to touch her.

Chiefs CEO Andrew Flexman also put his foot in it after questioning the stripper's integrity given her vocation and had to proffer an apology.


New Zealand Rugby is now spearheading two investigations into allegations Chiefs rugby players indecently touched two strippers from not only last week's Mad Monday session but also last year.

The Chiefs players have disbanded to their respective regional clubs, while the future of their Mad Monday sessions looks dim.

Auckland Blues confirmed to the Herald they canned the sessions last year.

However, the Chiefs still have the support of the pub who hosted their players. Okoroire Hotel manager Cushla Wood said she would welcome them back.

"I don't have any problems with the Chiefs, they are welcome back here. But not with a stripper."

The stripper "Scarlette" was fired from her job with Strippers R Us on Saturday after manager Rachael Kirk denounced her actions of letting players pay for 'extras'.

Kirk said she had her company's reputation to uphold.

Scarlette wasn't interested in talking to the media when contacted by the Herald yesterday.

She was at the park enjoying the day with her daughter and said she's sick of being harassed by media.