What century do Super Rugby's Chiefs live in? Their "Mad Monday" escapade after losing the semifinal to the Hurricanes last weekend was the kind of dumb, cloddish nonsense that went down in all-male gatherings last century. Even then, a woman paid to strip for their entertainment should expect her rules to be respected.

These days it is a wonder this form of entertainment still exists. As All Blacks coach Steve Hansen commented, "The one thing I do know is there is a massive lesson about Mad Mondays - just kick 'em for touch. You don't need them."

He was referring to a tradition that has had its day. It is the kind of mindless, end-of-season blow-out where too much beer is drunk and weaker characters are at risk of forgetting they are professionals in the public eye, with the reputation of rugby to consider if they have no concern for their own.

It may be taken from Hansen's reaction that if any All Blacks, or players he has his eye on, were among those who did not respect the performer's limits last Monday night, their careers could suffer.


Hansen and Sir Graham Henry before him have made it known that character has been part of their assessment of a player's suitability for the All Blacks. In language every man understands, they do not want "dickheads".

It sounds like quite a number of the Chiefs put themselves in that category that night. The woman they hired said of her experience, "I told them not to pull this stuff on me. It's not on. It was a pack mentality."

The head of the franchise, Andrew Flexman, said he had not known the players planned to hire a stripper and he was, "really, really disappointed".

He should be more than disappointed. He should ensure there are repercussions for the players involved. Since Super Rugby has finished for this year, suspension is not available.

But the Chiefs need to find a way to penalise those who have let down their good name. The main instigators will be known to the All Black selectors. They should not be taken to Australia for the game against the Wallabies next weekend, no matter who they are.