Getting robbed is bad enough at any point, but Shi Dongpeng was unluckier than most.

The Chinese hurdler is in Rio for the upcoming Olympics, and shortly after arriving in Brazil last week with a cameraman, he was allegedly accosted in the most disgusting way imaginable.

Per AIPS reports, a man rushed towards the pair and - seemingly intoxicated - vomited on both men before fleeing.

The athlete then went to a bathroom to clean himself up while the cameraman tried to chase after the perpetrator. However, when they both returned, all of the cameraman's gear had disappeared.


Surveillance footage taken by cameras in the hotel confirmed that was no coincidence. It turned out it was all a clever ruse as footage showed the "drunk's" accomplice taking advantage of the Chinese men's absence to steal the unattended equipment.

Dongpeng reported the crime to police.

Rio's high crime rate is one of the many issues the city and visiting athletes at this year's Games face.