This coming weekend, the Hurricanes have the opportunity to end decades of heartbreak and disappointment.

Some think they're cursed. Others are more optimistic. In any case, the stats are finally with them.

While the Lions have proved themselves a worthy adversary, defeating the Crusaders and Highlanders at home with ease, they now face a long trip to the capital, where the Canes will be bolstered with the odds heavily in their favour.

We take a look at some of the stats that help tell the story.



Teams are 0-15 in playoff games hosted in New Zealand after playing in South Africa the week before.

It's already happened twice this year when the Sharks and Chiefs both lost to the Hurricanes after travelling to Wellington from the Republic.

The Lions will make the trek this week as the Hurricanes prepare for a third straight playoff game against a side coming off close to 20 hours of flying.


No South African side has ever won a playoff match in New Zealand. In fact, only once has a South African team got within 10 points in a playoff game in New Zealand.


South African teams are 2-16 away from home in playoffs. Those two wins were by the Sharks over the Reds in 1996 and 2012. As stated above, no South African teams have won in New Zealand where they have lost 11 straight. It's worth noting the Lions have never played a playoff game outside of South Africa.


The Hurricanes beat the Lions 50-17 earlier this season.

Seven straight

The Hurricanes have won their last seven matches against the Lions. Their only defeat to the Lions came in 2007.


The Hurricanes have only lost five of 27 games at Westpac Stadium in the past three Super Rugby seasons.

March, 2012

The last time the Hurricanes lost to a South African team at Westpac Stadium was in 2012. That was against the Cheetahs where they went down 47-38.